Friday, August 10, 2007

Courage to Change

Resentments poisoned most of my waking hours before I found Al-Anon.  I could keep a fire under a resentment for days, years, by constantly justifying why I felt the way I did.  Today, although it is important to notice my feelings, I don't have to continually rehearse and re-rehearse my grievances.  It's not necessary to keep reviewing how I have been hurt, to assign blame, or to determine damages.
Ultimately, I may not resolve everything with the person in question---though that might be pleasant if it came to pass.  I just want to be rid of the resentment because it prevents me from experiencing joy.  I try to shift my energy to where it will do some good.  I apply Steps Six and Seven because, to me, the way to let go of resentment is to turn to my Higher Power.  I want to become entirely ready to have my Higher Power lift it, and I humbly ask for help.
If I am holding a resentment, I can simply ask for relief, for peace of mind in the present moment.  I will remind myself that this relief will come in God's time.  Then I can grow quiet, be patient, and wait.
"No man can think clearly when his fists are clenched."  George Jean Nathan

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