Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Spiritual Health Blockages

From ‘Spiritual Healing; Miracle or Mirage’

Alan Young lists reasons for blockages to spiritual health as;

·   The fear and anxiety of the sick person may be stronger than their faith in the healing power of a Higher Power.

·   The sick person may not be open to, and in fact may actually resist the inflow of the Higher Power. (Vacillation)

·   The sick person may be unwilling to ‘let go’ of known resentment, anger, hostility, jealousy, criticism of others, addictive behaviour, addiction or alcoholism, etc.

·   The sick person may be fearful of seeking the cause of the pain. (Early in the experience)

·   Unconsciously, the sick person may not want to get well to preserve the benefits or attention of being sick.

·   If the sick person created the disease or pain, consciously or unconsciously, to avoid or postpone a change, or to extricate themselves from an unpleasant situation, then they probably will not want to get well.

·   The sick person may be unable or unwilling to give up their own self-image of themselves and replace it with a self-image of pain-free and disease-free.

·   The sick person may not be healed physically and this may block spiritual healing as in frustration or resignation to fate.

·   The sick person believes the illness or inner pain is Karmic, meant to be, and spiritual healing will not take place until the lesson it brings is absorbed and indelibly learnt, and the disease or pain is no longer needed.

·   Spiritual Healing will not occur when the sick person is burdened by guilt, shame or embarrassment.

·   The sick person may not follow through with spiritual awakenings or spiritual experiences, resting on their experience or not having an understanding of the true meaning to their healing.

(1986) De Vorss & Co, Marina del Ray.


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